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JFTPtm - the FTP Client for Javatm

Version 1.0 - May 7, 1999       jarstop5.gif (2306 bytes)

Overview || Features || System Requirements || Download

Download JFTP
JFTP is available in several formats for Windows, Mac, UNIX/Linux and generic Java platforms. JFTP includes on-line documentation to help get started with the program. Please read important notes and system requirements.

What's new?

Version 1.0 features support for multi-user preferences, saving session settings in each users' home directory. Quick-connect now "remembers" the last connection made as a default the next time that it is used. The windows version now includes java runtime environment 1.1.8. Installation programs have been tweaked for better cross-platform consistency.


JFTP is a cross-platform graphical FTP client that provides an easy point-and-click interface to FTP servers on the Internet or intranets. JFTP runs on any platform that supports Java 1.1, and has been tested on Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, Linux, MacOS and Sparc and Intel Solaris platforms, connecting to NT and UNIX based FTP servers.

JFTP Screenshot


JFTP lets you "Quick Connect" to an FTP server for a one-time exchange. JFTP also maintains a mini-database of your favorite FTP sites, optionally saving your username, password, optional account, and local / remote starting directories. Easily create new connections, or delete unused ones in a friendly Connection Manager dialog. JFTP connections can be configured to work through an FTP proxy server.

In addition to basic store and retrieve functionality, JFTP also permits viewing, renaming, deleting, making directories, and changing directories (and local drives) on the local and remote computers. JFTP will transparently detect interrupted downloads from the previous session and optionally attempt to restart the download from the break point. (Not all FTP servers implement this capability.)

JFTP's file tables are right-click sensitive, presenting a pop-up menu of utility and transfer items (not available on MacOS.)

JFTP displays a scrolling log, recording the FTP client/server exchange, and optionally logs significant events to a file.

JFTP lets you define your preferences for sessions, such as startup directory, email address for anonymous FTP, password saving, logging, and others.

System Requirements:

64 Mb of RAM is recommended. 32 Mb is the minimum.

A Java-capable platform is required. These include the tested platforms, Windows 95/98/NT, MacOS w/MRJ 2.1, Sparc/Intel Solaris and Linux. For Windows we offer a download option that includes the necessary Java Runtime Environment 1.1.7B (JRE). For downloads that do not include the JRE, a pre-installed Java 1.1.7 (or later) runtime will be required to install JFTP.

JFTP will also work with Java 2 in most cases. Windows 98 requires the Java 1.1 runtime (included in the download). Intel Solaris platform requires a Java 2 runtime.

Java runtimes and development kits are freely available at the JavaSoft website for Windows and Solaris. Apple's MRJ 2.1 is available at Apple's Java site. Java for the Linux platform is available at Blackdown.

Although we've tested JFTP on a venerable 90 Mhz Pentium with 40 Mb of RAM, it will load and start slowly on underpowered machines. Best performance will be realized with Pentium II class machines, running at 300 Mhz or faster, with fast hard disks.

Other Notes

JFTP has been successfully run on Solaris 2.5.1 and 2.6 using default green threads. Operation under Solaris 2.7 has not been confirmed.

Download JFTP
JFTP is available in three formats for Windows, Mac and generic platforms. JFTP includes on-line documentation to help get started with the program. Please read important notes and system requirements.

Copyright 1999 by Bill Giel / KC Multimedia and Design Group, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.