Virtual Benchrest II Match Server
Technical Information

The Virtual Benchrest II system is a client-server system, developed primarily "for fun" at KCMDG. The main client component is the Virtual Benchrest II game. A secondary client is an administration applet, not intended for general use.The server components are a collection of three CGI scripts, written in portable C. The scripts have been compiled and tested on both a Windows 95 development server, and KCMDG's SPARC/Solaris web server.

Java Client

Written entirely in Java 1.1, the VBR client is a standalone Java application. It has been tested on Windows 95/NT and SPARC/Solaris 2.5.1. From past experience we anticipate it will also run on the other standard Java reference platforms (currently, OS/2 and AIX 4.2) although we have not tested on those. VBR II includes licensed third-party components jHelp and Moondog packages for viewing help files, posting to CGI, and displaying message boxes and a splash screen. Optionally, a version of VBR II that includes JavaSoft's redistributable Java Runtime Environment is offered to make it as simple as possible for Windows users to install the software on their computer.


Shooters must first register with the system. The registration file is a small, flat-file custom database that assigns unique passwords to registrants, stores their information for subsequent lookup, emails the information to the registrant, and is capable of generating a mailing list and general listing for administrative purposes. The mailing list is confidential, and is intended only for notifying registered users of any changes in the system or upgrades to the VBR client software.


VBR Matches are started and stopped using a Java 1.02 administration applet that runs in a web browser. Administrative privileges (including generation of mail and general information lists) are password protected. When a match is stopped, a script on the server generates the final results in an HTML file, stores it on the server, adds the file's URL to the completed match index page, and updates the VBR "World Records" data if necessary.


When a shooter submits a score to the match server, he/she must supply the username/password that was assigned and sent by email upon registration. The server submission script first checks this for validity in the registration database. It then checks the current match data file to see if this shooter has already entered a score. It then checks the submission's time stamp (VBR II timestamps scores when they are completed, not when they are submitted) and confirms that it falls within the current match start/stop interval, which is typically one week as specified by the administrator.

Hosting Matches on Your Server

If you have sufficient access privileges to a web server to install and run custom CGI scripts, we may offer the server system commercially, including installation, setup and testing. If you want to host VBR matches on your own web server, please contact us at It will be helpful if you include information regarding your server, such as OS, web server software, etc.

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